I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my doctor predicted a disastrous outcome for my life if I did not take care of my weight. At 220 lbs on the scale, my life would be cut short by many years if I did not lose weight.

After being overweight for the majority of my life, I realized that it was time to take my weight loss journey seriously. Losing weight is challenging, but I’d like to share a few tips I discovered along the way that helped me lose 80 lbs in just under a year. I believe these weight loss tips are more sustainable habits that work for everyone, regardless of the diet you choose.

Eat Small But Regular meals

The first and most basic weight loss recommendation is to eat smaller, more regular meals. Most diet plans leave you feeling deprived as they are restrictive in nature, but this one does not. Eat a high protein breakfast and then a quick snack 3-4 hours later.

Eat lunch and then another snack a couple of hours later. You can eat dinner in a couple of hours. Just make sure your snacking decisions are healthy in nature. For me on a personal level, I carry a small bag of nuts, and a couple of apples, bananas, or oranges along with my lunchbox, where I can have healthy snacks throughout the day.

All of that chewing food fills you up, and eating every few hours raises your metabolic rate, which means your body will burn fat faster rather than store it. Once you’ve gotten used to this minor change, you’ll realise that this weight loss tip actually works, without causing hunger pangs.

variety is the spice of life

Eating raw and cooked vegetables and salads like tomatoes, beet or cucumber as a part of the diet is an effective weight loss tip because they are low in calories, carbs, and high in vitamin content. But if you smother your salad or vegetables in dressing, forget about losing weight.

Salad dressings like mayonnaise should always be served on the side, and in limited quantities because it is high in fat. I discovered a good weight loss tip that cheats the mind: dip your fork in the dressing before forking the salad. This not only gives you a small taste while limiting the amount of salad dressing you consume, yet at the same time makes you eat healthy.

water is the key to effective weight loss

Drinking plenty of water is an essential weight loss tip that I resisted initially because it seemed excessively simple and childish. However, I changed my mind after seeing the advantages.

Water not only makes you feel less hungry, but it also makes you feel better overall. I used to drink a lot of diet sodas, particularly when I used to sit in front of the television on weekends, but switching to water gave me a cleaner feeling and helped me lose weight.

Any doctor will tell you that drinking more water is beneficial to your overall health. One tip that I picked up over a period of time is to have a glass of water before and after a snack that keeps you feeling full for a couple of additional hours.

For once, try drinking a glass of water after having a handful of nuts and see the difference it makes to your hunger levels after a couple of days. If you change your mind about drinking more water, it could be the single most effective weight loss tip for you.

move your butt around the place

Walking around is a great and inexpensive way to start exercising as part of your weight loss plan. Walking for 20 minutes every day can help you burn fat and gain energy.

Go for a walk, whether it’s before or after lunch or dinner, or even during your lunch break. The dual advantage that I had with a walk after dinner not only provided health benefits, but also created an opportunity to connect intimately with my spouse.

I began by walking around my before and after lunch and with my spouse after dinner and on measuring the results after a month, was blown away by how much of a difference it made in my weight loss journey.

Besides, I made it a point to take a flight of stairs every time that I got an opportunity instead of waiting in queue for the elevator or taking the escalator.

slow and steady wins the marathon

Losing weight too quickly as is promoted by fad diet plans and boot camps, can lead to health problems, and you may regain the weight once the body starts giving out withdrawal symptoms.

It is critical to approach weight loss as a long marathon rather than a 100m sprint and pace yourself so that you can cross the finish line. Concentrate only on the next pound, not the total amount of weight you wish to lose. In the end, you’ll not only finish the marathon, but you’ll also noticeably improve your health.


Finally, these weight loss tips assisted me in losing 70 lbs in just under a year. Every body type is different and though there is no guarantee that while I lost 70 lbs, the others who follow the strategies may get the same results, these practical but sustainable tips do work and make the weight loss journey a little easier.

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